Use FINBOS for capital markets payables and receivables

Maximise returns, minimise risks and have the ability to make provisions

Simple, straightforward, secure, easy to implement and easy to maintain, FINBOS tracks all of your capital markets cash management and cash flows (receivables and payables) between you and your counterparties.

The result?

Those working in cash management areas with a responsibility for claims and tax, as well as those working in brokerage can manage the regulatory capital cost involved in having a lot of money owed to you, or payable by you:

  • Reclaim more money than identified previously.
  • Have all of the information needed to bill more accurately.
  • Significantly reduce outstanding fees and hence funding costs.

What you can expect from FINBOS

Built by capital markets cash management experts for capital markets cash practinioners, use FINBOS to accelerate your:

Cost efficiency and control.

  • With transparency comes elimination of balance sheet risk.
  • With the right MI and intelligence, your operations teams can accelerate the funding cycle and thus optimise
    • Capital utilisation
    • Liquidity tracking
  • Gain access to the information you need to achieve
    • Head count cost reductions.
    • Funding cost reductions.
    • Regulatory capital costs reductions.

 Internal control and risk management

  • Reduce the complexity and risk associated with the collection and settlement of your payables and receivables.
  • Improve cash governance.
  • Have immediate access to critical intelligence and warnings.
  • Minimise losses.
  • Be confident in obtaining clean audit reports.

 External control and risk management

  • Be able to satisfy regulators that your senior managers have a firm realtime grasp on the business.
  • Keep on top of compliance, counterparty risk and regulatory tax issues.

 Client service

  • Have the ability to demonstrate exemplary systems, processes and communications so that you can gain your clients’ trust.
  • Have the intelligence you need to manage relationships and to treat important clients sensitively.
  • Evaluate Client profitability


  • Have the information you need to make strategic decisions on banking initiatives. Furthermore you will be able to:
    • Drive strategies for operational efficiency, risk management and change.
    • Manage your location strategies: know that MeritSoft’s streamlined and consistent processes can be offshored.

 Improvement in business performance

  • Get the transparency you need to accelerate your funding cycle. FINBOS uses an educated and systematic approach to balance operational efficiency with cost control. In particular it:
    • Enables straight through processing of cash management processes from case management, workflow, regulatory compliance, payment and settlement of balances in areas such as coupons, interest, dividends, fees, derivatives and brokerage and any other type of cash flow.
    • Provides senior managers with 360º transparency of the balance sheet. This means you can control debt management and implement provisioning strategies. Elsewhere with a high level of transparency you will be equipped with all the information you need to develop global strategy and vision.