CSA and Research solutions – meet the requirements, improve your client service

MiFID II is arriving in 2018, and the areas that it will affect include Commission Sharing Agreements (CSA) and Research fee management. That means you have less than eight months to identify what’s required and to choose and implement the best strategy and solutions for meeting your obligations. With our Research and Commission sharing for MiFID II software, you can do everything in time, on budget and efficiently – and benefit in many other ways as well.

Meritsoft’s MiFID II solutions are already proven with two of the top five global houses. With our software, you will be able to meet not just regulatory requirements, but increased client demands for transparency and better servicing.

  • A complete ‘Client Wallet’ overview – of all monies, commissions, fees, payments and revenues from any source.
  • Complex fee calculations, daily accruals, reporting – providing centralised commission management, information and oversight for client servicing, accounting and tax teams.
  • Ad hoc Research payments and invoicing – associating the underlying interactions and activities and transactions for full transparency.
  • Flexible client statement/reporting output – to cover clients’ unique formatting requirements, such as aggregators.
  • Postings and payment functionality – for managing and clearing down commitments.

Client pot management

MiFID II is paying particular attention to research and associated fees. This has proved a problematic area in the past due to lack of transparency and vague allocation of research funds.

The existence of third party research and research aggregation has further complicated matters, especially as some clients want it while others don’t. Different commission engines for different systems and regions and the general fragmentary nature of most research departments, each with their own approach, makes everything more convoluted still.

With our software, everything can be included in a single system. It’s all fully recorded, trackable and transparent, ensuring that it’s fully compliant with MiFID II. It also makes it easier to service your clients, and to provide them with exactly what they want. You can even have a portal which your clients can log in to and see daily figures, without having to wait for monthly reports.

A single solution to a range of pressing problems

Across both commission sharing and research, you and your clients will benefit from all the management information you require, from real-time reporting to a comprehensive audit trail.

All of our intuitive Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) software is quick to deploy, easy to adapt and integrate, especially as everything is built with FINBOS, our established software platform. All Merit solutions leverage these same underlying components throughout, to give you a best-in-breed comprehensive solution.

As well as meeting the impending regulatory requirements, our research and commission sharing software will therefore bring real operational efficiency, overhead reduction and cost benefits to both you and your clients.

For more details, please email capitalmarkets@meritsoft.com or call Daniel Carpenter on 0203 865 4641.