Reap the benefits of an award winning platform for tracking fees and commissions

Use our Revenues and Expense Manager to STP the processing of a range of fees including:

  • Agent / Clearing Bank Fees
  • Exchange Fees
  • Broker Fees
  • Commissions
  • Connectivity Fees
  • Confirmation/Affirmation Fees
  • Regulatory Reporting Fees
  • Financial Markets Infrastructure (FMI)

Every day you transact hundreds and thousands of executions, buys and sells. This means you need a sound process for tracking the fees and commissions for doing that work.

 Payables and receivables generated from brokerage is real money. It sits on every bank’s balance sheet. The longer debt is aged, the more difficult it is to collect and the more likely it is to be written off and lost.

Improve business performance by enabling the straight through processing of the identification, management and payment of brokerage fees and commissions.

Brokerage & Billings Manager accelerates payment cycles by controlling case management and streamlining workflow for the payment and settlement of balances.

Elsewhere Brokerage & Billings Manager process based approach ensures you are guaranteed to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Get transparency and accountability of debt management

Obtain the transparency you need around invoices paid.

At the same time significantly reduce funding costs and debt management timeframes by automating:

• Tracking of fees and commissions payables and receivables.
• Administration.
• Aged debtor reporting.

Strengthen cash and liquidity management strategies

Have the accounts receivable ageing information you need to regularly review and manage the profit and liquidity of your brokerage operations. Use the information provided by Brokerage & Billings Manager for:

• Aged debt analysis.
• Calculating financial ratios.
• Statistical analysis.

Strengthen provisioning strategies

Look beyond simple cash flow with information collected by Brokerage Manager.

• Plan coverage of future liabilities.
• Plan resources.
• Strengthen risk management strategies.

Strengthen control and increase capacity

Maximise valuable brokerage operations resources and realise measurable capacity gains (of up to 50-60%) with Brokerage & Billings Manager’s structured and disciplined workflow approach.

Additional capacity combined with Brokerage & Billings Manager’s enforced consistency of process will allow you to offshore your operations.

Make regulatory and fiscal compliance simple

Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance by taking advantage of Brokerage & Billings Manager’s pre-configured workflows that enable you to:

• Analyse brokerage processes and verify you are compliant.
• Provide you with a secure audit trail of all transactional events.

Be confident in the knowledge that Brokerage & Billings Manager’s effective workflow ensures information cannot be overlooked or be incorrect.

Reduce overheads

Remove the restraints associated with:

• Common extensive manual processing (Emails/PDFs/Spreadsheets/CSV files.)
• A plethora in-house built legacy systems that work in silos (For example separate brokerage systems for derivatives and equities flows.)

Automate the overhead associated with managing the various activities that form part of claims processing.

Reduce headcount and administrative costs with clearly defined workflow processes that enable tasks to be completed in significantly less time.

Have the intelligence you need to support volume processing and decision-making

Get 360º transparency of the balance sheet, commonly unavailable to most operations teams so that you can:

• Control debt management and implement provisioning strategies.
• Have the information you need to develop global strategy and vision.

Address specific operational needs by easily adding on modules:


Reduce payment costs. Facilitate bulking/netting. Generate messages in formats acceptable to multiple gateways and banks. Immediately identify if payment messages have been processed. At the same time enhance customer service.

SSI Repository

Increase straight through processing and reduce time spent entering and validating standard settlement instructions (SSIs) each time a payment is made. Standardise the formatting and exchange of SSI information.

Choose to add SSI Repository as a complimentary module to the Payments module or as a stand-alone module.


Facilitate bulking, netting, control and reversal. Receive ledger balances updates. Generate messages in formats acceptable to multiple ledgers. Immediately identify if posting messages have been processed.

Profit and Loss

Get a detailed view of your P&L. Calculate profit and loss arising from dividend events. Take into account stock loan borrow transactions, depot and market claim transactions and book postings. Allocate the difference between amounts received and paid between tax elements and profit & loss.

Detect updates to positions and trigger updated P&L calculations. Predict and record date estimates, adjusted for taxes. Track over borrowed positions prior to their record dates.

Get set up quickly

Brokerage & Billings Manager is simple, straightforward and easy to implement. It requires no upfront IT investment and will fully integrate with your preferred infrastructure.

Trouble free maintenance

Brokerage & Billings Manager utilises existing feeds/data. Furthermore it can be administered and supported by non-IT professionals.

This means you are guaranteed trouble free maintenance and IT resources will not be burdened.

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