CSA Manager

STP for trade executions and research commissions

For money managers that need to manage commission-sharing agreements, CSA Manager helps brokers:

  • Track trade executions and research commissions.
  • Get access to extensive reports.

Get set up quickly

CSA Manager is a module of Brokerage Manager. Like Brokerage Manager, CSA Manager is a ready-made solution, readily available, is adaptable and can be implemented within a month.

This means in no time your processing of CSAs will be automatically captured and processed, so you can concentrate on your core business activities.

  • Centralise Commissions, CSA, Research fees and billing into a central compliant solution
  • Manage multiple rate cards across global and regional clients
  • Manage rates across Low/High Touch, Instrument Types, Markets and Currencies etc
  • Automate base currency conversion for client consolidated views
  • Realtime reporting and analysis  eg analyse Low Touch VS High Touch profitability by region
  • Centralise operational administration and multiple systems into single central system and location, with global accessibility
  • Provide Clients with a portal for online reconciliation and payment processing reducing effort, costs and risks


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