Post-Trade Survey Report 2021

A New Era for Trade Expense Management

Trade expense is one of the costliest but least explored topics in banking. These transaction-related fees are costing banks billions of dollars. Yet most banks don’t know the details of those costs — and therein lies the problem. This report illuminates this opaque area by taking the pulse of senior individuals within investment banks that are impacted daily by an inability to get a handle on trade expense costs.

Key findings in the report:

  • 80% of respondents paid between $250m and $1bn on trade expense in 2020
  • 88% say trade expense billing is a top three annual cost
  • 77% cite outdated rate agreements and counterparty referential data as a problem

Improving operational efficiency

If you are ready to improve your trade expense management operation, we should talk. Contact us for an initial conversation about your needs at

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