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We help you reduce your operational processing and regulatory compliance costs, improve STP rates, and accurately track your accruing receivables and payables. With minimal disruption to your existing operations, our componentized solutions provide immediate efficiency improvements and rapid ROI.

  • Trade Expense Management

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    Trade Expense Management

    Understand your brokerage, clearing and exchange fees with deep data analytics and full transparency that enables you to optimize spend across your organization and determine your most and least profitable counterparty relationships.

  • Claims Management

    We automate receivables and payables operations to provide seamless end-to-end management of all your claims processes, including global asset servicing claims and escheatment management, enabling you to reduce the cost of capital.

  • Transaction Tax Management

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    Transaction Tax Management

    Manage your entire organization’s financial transaction tax requirements on a single, centralized platform that allows you to recognize tax payable, tax recovered, and tax being accrued at group, region, and desk levels.

  • CSA and Research Billing

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    CSA and Research Billing

    Manage all your buy-side unbundling obligations in line with MiFID II requirements and achieve full transparency of your execution and research commissions.

  • Fails Management, Interest Claims and CSDR

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    Fails Management, Interest Claims and CSDR

    Whether your challenge is addressing settlement fails, CSDR penalties processing or overall fees management, our solution provides transparency, establishing root causes and allocating costs across your fails management activities to help you meet your client and regulatory obligations.

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