Meritsoft’s technology is trusted by the world’s leading capital markets firms to help them drive back-office efficiencies and transform their operations for the digital era. Engineered to be straightforward to use, simple to install and easy to maintain, our cross-asset platform can be horizontally scaled on demand to meet their needs today and into the future.

Designed to perform

Our technology is designed for high performance across the widest possible variety of supported installations.

Users interact with our systems via a secure web application built on technologies designed for longevity and high-quality UX.



An optional improvement layer, system entities can be stored in a distributed cache to dramatically improve resource retrieval times for high throughput.



Our products are exposed as a set of open API compliant REST APIs, optionally available as a rich integration point without the UI. An API gateway pattern breaks down complex functions into microservices to optimize time to market for new features.

.NET Core

Open API


We use AMQP protocol supported technologies to support a publish/subscribe model of event notifcation enabling us to create cloud-scale ready appliation APIs and services.



Solace Pubsub+

Our support for RDBMS spans the common big-vendor products as well as open-source database engines.




Scale and complexity, covered

Our technology provides a highly extensible and cost-effective STP solution, no matter how complex your requirements or the scale of your operations. The UI and UX have been designed by specialists in the field in consultation with our users to provide a completely intuitive web experience that reflects the way you do business.

Deployed your way

Meritsoft’s technology has been designed to support a wide range of deployment models including public and private cloud, on premise, and containerization. Our highly skilled developers work with your teams to manage integration with your preferred infrastructure or to provide a full software-as-a-service solution.

The Meritsoft applications contain over 100 modules for post-trade processing and supports integrations to more than 170 external interfaces to provide a feature-rich solution.

The Meritsoft difference

Speed to market

We get your processes live, fast.

Low impact

Deployed with minimal impact on your business.

Domain experts

Technology experts who really understand bank processes.

Rapid ROI

Proven technology that quickly pays for itself.

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