CSDR Penalties Processing

Automate penalties processing for settlement fails

Meritsoft’s CSDR Manager provides intelligent automation for the processing of penalties for settlement fails that become due under Central Securities Depositories Regulation enabling operations teams to meet their compliance obligations and reduce their overall cost of fails.

Optimize your penalties processing operations

CSDR Manager consolidates and reconciles all daily relevant transaction, counterparty, CSD and internal fails data to provide a complete, centralized view of settlement fails across your organization, and handles all associated accounting activities. Real-time, user-configurable data dashboards enable you to manage your daily exceptions workflow and reconcile against monthly statements, prioritize resources, adjust strategies and review counterparty relationships.

Bespoke CSDR decision trees

Our rules-based engine and bespoke decision trees automate processes, including determining penalty ownership and automatic allocation.

Penalty forecasting

Automated outbound communications keep your clients updated on all their upcoming penalties, debits, and credits.

360º balance sheet transparency

A consolidated view of all payable and receivable penalties and claims supports efficient debt management and provisioning strategies.

Real-time analytics

Providing the insight you need to support volume processing and decision making, including resetting client engagements.

settlement operations automation

Designed to improve and safeguard cross-border settlement fails processing, our intelligent automated software – coupled with our industry experience and service capabilities – provides a seamless end-to-end fails management solution. Whether you’re an investment bank, a broker, or custodian, we can help you achieve new levels of efficiency across your settlement processing operations.


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