Trade Expense Management

Stem your losses from incorrect brokerage fees

Brokerage fees and billing operations have a material impact on your balance sheet. Legacy systems, lack of automation, and data issues obscure where these expenses are being incurred.

Our powerful automation solution digitizes data, automates invoice receipt, and tracks financial flows across all your brokerage, clearing and exchange fees, bringing visibility to opaque brokerage operations costs.

Transparency and cost

Brokerage Manager automates processes and allows real-time accruals with comprehensive, flexible, rule-based straight-through processing to deliver substantial operational savings.

Analytical comparison on micro and macro level brokerage rates enables you to identify potential overcharges, reduce payment leakage and make informed decisions for cost optimization.

Global rate card management

We digitize your data, identity gaps in legacy system feeds and apply industry-leading analytics to enable you to optimize costs by standardizing rates across business groups and regions.

Rules-based STP

Intelligent automation of daily accruals, strategy identification and calculation, complex trade level fee calculation, reconciliation, exception management and payment processing.

Cross-organizational transparency of costs

Achieve full transparency with a complete picture of all the trade-related expenses your business incurs across asset classes, geographies, and business units.

Protect trading profits

Knowing your true brokerage costs enables more efficient capital allocation and provides the intelligence you need to determine, and act on, your most and least profitable counterparty arrangements.

A single platform for trade expense management

Deep data analytics and a whole new level of transparency into your brokerage fees and allocation methodologies provides a holistic view of all your trade expenses on a single platform.

Our platform enables you to understand the cost of doing business, the cost of acquiring new business and key areas for optimization that help protect your trading profits and deliver better client service.


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