CSA and
Research Billing

Track CSA execution and research commissions

Ever-changing regulations mean that you can no longer afford to treat commission sharing agreements (CSA) and research as a grey area.

As competition between brokerage houses increases, having better wallet management oversight and centralized soft and hard dollar processing is a necessity.


Our platform enables brokers to digitize and automate their obligations for managing CSA and Research client commitments.

We facilitate compliance with MiFID II research unbundling rules as well as contractual CSA obligations, via a fully digitized, auditable and transparent platform.

Consolidated global view

Track commissions, CSA, and research billing globally across all clients on a single, centralized solution.

Client portal

Enable client access for online reporting, reconciliation, and payment initiation, reducing effort and risks, retaining a central audit trail.

Manage complex rate cards

Customize rate cards across low/high touch, instrument types, markets and currencies, and apply to commission sharing agreements to ensure execution and fixed and variable research commissions are captured correctly.

Protect trading profits

Centralization and automation of CSA reconciliation, payment, and research billing aids efficiency and optimization of your operations functions.

Reducing research compliance costs

Our platform is engineered to optimize your research compliance operations, helping you meet the requirements of MiFID II research rules.

Processing and approving research payments is fully linked to your clients’ CSA accounts with user approval hierarchies tailored to suit your compliance needs.

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