Tax Management

Simplifying financial transaction tax processing

The cost impact of financial transaction taxes is not just the taxes themselves, but the significant operational effort to process them.

We empower tax operations teams with a solution that manages the workflow, regulatory compliance, payment, settlement, and recovery of these extraterritorial taxes, all on a single platform.

Optimize your global
tax operations

Transaction Tax Manager provides meaningful analytics across your entire organization’s global transaction tax requirements, including French, Spanish and Italian FTTs, withholding taxes, 305c and 871m.

Automated processing of trades and transactions determines in-scope and exonerated trades for tax across multiple jurisdictions and facilitates tax calculation, declaration creation, client invoicing and tax reclaims.

Complete visibility of tax liabilities

Highly configurable dashboards track exceptions, tax amounts by customer entity, exempted trades, unresolved trades by workflow teams and more.

Calculate tax correctly, reduce overpayments

Automation of complex, rules-based calculations ensures accuracy; payment timeframes and payables and receivables risks are reduced with real-time monitoring and tax reclaim chasing.

Improve tax compliance

A comprehensive and transparent audit trail and visibility into liabilities across all counterparties ensures external compliance and internal governance obligations are met.

Future-proof your tax operations

The platform can be constantly updated to integrate everything from minor changes in existing rules to entirely new tax schemes.

Strategic transaction tax management

Our powerful automation platform streamlines your transaction tax processing workflow and provides deep insight into the effectiveness of tax optimization across your entire organization.

Our solution ensures you remain compliant with rules imposed by all relevant authorities, and your trading profits are safeguarded.


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