Asset Servicing Claims

End-to-end claims automation

For firms focused on risk-weighted assets, the drive to optimize outstanding receivables and payables is a primary objective.

Our industry-leading platform automates processing activities across asset servicing enabling you to effectively manage the cost of capital owed by or to you.

Streamline your asset servicing claims operations

Claim Manager makes all your relevant claims data accessible on a single, centrally digitized global dashboard.

Highly specialized decision trees and fully automated workflows support claims identification, claims calculation, and exception management, with rules-based capabilities automating the creation and dissemination of claims communications and auto-payment instructions.

Dynamic profit and loss visibility

Access a detailed view of your P&L and calculate changes arising from dividend events, stock loan borrowing, and market claim transactions.

Accelerate payment cycles and avoid overpayments

Validate all your income and interest asset exposures centrally to enable fast, accurate payment of claims outstanding and claims due.

Reduce funding costs

By automating the tracking and chasing of payables and receivables, administration and reporting, you can reduce funding costs and increase lending revenue.

Improved STP rates and scalability

Automating case management, issuance of claims, payments and settlement of balances enables you to pivot to exceptions-based processing and improve operational efficiency.

Transforming claims management

Our market-leading platform is transforming claims operations for clients across the globe, helping them achieve better control of debt management, implement appropriate provisioning strategies, reduce RWA and increase lending revenue.

With improved STP rates and fewer exceptions, our clients are reducing the impact of outstanding claims on their cost of carry and regulatory capital.


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