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CSDR six months in: Transforming settlement operations with Meritsoft’s CSDR Manager

Growing list of clients using our powerful automation platform to meet regulatory requirements under CSDR Settlement Discipline rules and achieve significant efficiencies across their fails management processes. In the six months since the introduction of the CSDR penalty rules, Meritsoft’s CSDR Manager has delivered outstanding benefits to our clients’ settlement operations. This is just some […]

CSDR: Early days yet

Industry experts share their early assessment of the CSDR settlement failure penalties regime and how it has affected the industry since its implementation in February. Meritsoft’s Daniel Carpenter joined other industry commentators for a virtual Q&A on the impact of CSDR to date, published in the April issue of Asset Servicing Times. Click here to […]

Trade expenses are cutting into bank profits by 20%

Bank Automation News podcast.  Trade expenses can reduce profits by 20%, with brokerage-related fees being a top-three business expense for many financial institutions, but automation could be the solution. Meritsoft’s Daniel Carpenter discusses post-trade automation with Bank Automation News in this episode of “The Buzz” podcast. Listen to the podcast here.  To learn more about the issues discussed, and some […]

A New Era for Trade Expense Management

Achieving cost optimisation and transparency in brokerage fees and billing Global investment banks are spending vast sums each year on their brokerage fees and billing operations but data challenges, lack of automation and legacy technology make it difficult to fully understand and therefore optimise their spend across the organisation. According to an independent survey we […]

Are you optimizing your agent bank billing operation?

Have you ever just paid a household bill without validating it first? It happens all the time, right. However, for financial institutions paying out multi-million sums of money every month for services rendered by a whole raft of providers, validation is critical. In many cases, ‘validation’ only extends to month-on-month eyeball comparison of invoices to […]