Growing list of clients using our powerful automation platform to meet regulatory requirements under CSDR Settlement Discipline rules and achieve significant efficiencies across their fails management processes.

In the six months since the introduction of the CSDR penalty rules, Meritsoft’s CSDR Manager has delivered outstanding benefits to our clients’ settlement operations.

This is just some of the client feedback we have received to date:

“The Meritsoft CSDR module has allowed us to process the majority of the penalties we have received in an automated fashion from receipt, matching to trade instructions on our system, determining if we may have caused the fail, and then automating the reporting out to our clients. Without the tool our firm would have had to hire several more individuals to perform the same work or invest considerably in our own system development.”

“We have effectively managed daily and monthly cash penalty notifications, despite huge volatility in the market, successfully issued posting cycles of cash penalties to clients and internal departments.”

“Meritsoft has allowed us to shield our clients from many of the industry challenges that others have faced. The ability for us to stop penalty messages when they come in, ensure they reconcile to our records, as well as match the monthly reports to the daily reports, allows us to manage the penalty reporting to our clients until we are complete and provide them with a clean report that matches the cash entries in their account.”

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