Financial Transaction Tax module

Solve processing problems associated with Financial Transaction Tax levies

For financial institutions operating in the FTT zone that are subject to Financial Transaction Tax when they buy and sell securities, conclude derivatives or materially modify either transaction, MeritSoft’s Financial Transaction Tax Manager minimises processing time thus saving time and money.

Unlike other vendors in the market Financial Transaction Tax Manager is the only solution configured to facilitate proactive tax case management, payment and settlement. This means your tax payments will be accurate and you will not overpay or under recoup.

Reduce time lost to Financial Transaction tax preparation and the number of manual errors

Automatically identify transactions where FTT is levied. Furthermore ensure you have all the information you need about a position before net settlement of a transaction.

At the same time make sure FTT gets paid to the correct participating Member State.

Ensure accuracy and quality of Financial Transaction tax reported numbers

Meet audit, client money and regulatory needs. Financial Transaction Tax Manager automates:

  • Tax calculation.
  • Tax validation.
  • Tax static in relation to counterparts (books, exchange rates etc.)
  • Client statements.
  • Client invoices.
  • Financial Transaction Tax declaration formatting.
  • Invoice issuance.

Streamline reporting and forecasting

Real-time reporting in the Financial Transaction Tax module brings you:

  • Transparency and auditability.
  • The ability to produce detailed reports, statements, invoices and payments.
  • Management information for:
  • Client servicing.
  • Regulatory needs.

Meet audit, compliance and risk requirements

Straight through processing workflow provides a comprehensive audit trail.

  • Possess daily accruals.
  • Track payables and receivables.
  • Track client money.

Get set up quickly

Financial Transaction Manager is a module of Transaction Tax Manager. Like Transaction Tax Manager, Financial Transaction Tax Manager is a ready-made solution, readily available, is adaptable and can be implemented within a month.

This means in no time your processing of Financial Transaction Tax will be automatically captured, so you can concentrate on your core business activities.

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