Minimise tax liabilities and have the capital you need for investment and growth

Consolidate tax operations across all areas of global processing and enable STP

Strengthen tax risk management with Transaction Tax Manager, a scalable and financially prudent product suite that provides those operating in the investment banking and capital markets sectors with a controlled environment for managing funds and client related taxes.

Explore the only software platform in the market configured to help you to:

• Reduce tax payments and ensure no overpayments.
• Reduce processing costs by up to 50%.
• Satisfy regulatory demand and be compliant.

Save money by shortening tax-processing times

Reduce tax payment timeframes and payables and receivables risks with real-time monitoring and reclaim chasing.

  • Claim the right amount of tax from your clients.
  • Ensure tax is calculated correctly at source.
  • Be able to balance your books. Know you are not paying more tax than you are getting in from your clients.

Be compliant with tax reporting rules

Possess immediate answers to questions arising from tax processing.

Limit interest and penalties liabilities on your balance sheet. Know exactly how much tax you have accrued.

Secure full visibility of your tax status and demonstrate traceability and auditability.

Strengthen provisioning strategies

Look beyond simple cash flow with information collected by Brokerage Manager.

• Plan coverage of future liabilities.
• Plan resources.
• Strengthen risk management strategies.

Get an accurate measure of your performance and financial position

Reduce the common errors associated with in-house manual spreadsheets. Also prevent vital tax related tasks from falling through the cracks.

Leverage Transaction Tax Manager’s powerful analytics and MI functionality to provide you with insight and control. Get easy access to:

  • Statistical analysis.
  • Client reporting and analysis.
  • Detailed aged debtor analysis.

Control workflow, regulatory compliance, payment and settlement of balances for specific tax requirements

Transaction Tax Manager houses three core pieces of functionality that solve different, but similar tax problems.

• 871(m)
• 305c

Choose to license each module separately. Alternatively gain full control with all three modules.

Address specific operational needs by easily adding on modules:


Reduce payment costs. Facilitate bulking/netting. Generate messages in formats acceptable to multiple gateways and banks. Immediately identify if payment messages have been processed. At the same time enhance customer service.

SSI Repository

Increase straight through processing and reduce time spent entering and validating standard settlement instructions (SSIs) each time a payment is made. Standardise the formatting and exchange of SSI information.

Choose to add SSI Repository as a complimentary module to the Payments module or as a stand-alone module.


Facilitate bulking, netting, control and reversal. Receive ledger balances updates. Generate messages in formats acceptable to multiple ledgers. Immediately identify if posting messages have been processed.

Profit and Loss

Get a detailed view of your P&L. Calculate profit and loss arising from dividend events. Take into account stock loan borrow transactions, depot and market claim transactions and book postings. Allocate the difference between amounts received and paid between tax elements and profit & loss.

Detect updates to positions and trigger updated P&L calculations. Predict and record date estimates, adjusted for taxes. Track over borrowed positions prior to their record dates.

Get set up quickly

Transaction tax manager is a ready-made solution, readily available, is adaptable and can be implemented within a month.

This means in no time your global tax payables and receivables will be automatically captured and processed so you can concentrate on your core business activities.

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